Why Cybersecurity has become so important and necessary today?

Cybersecurity is used for securing networks, systems, software, and other digital programs and infrastructure from malicious attacks. What started as a rare and less known criminal activity, today the rate of cybercrime is increasing massively and projected to exceed around $6 trillion in the year 2021. Hence, it isn’t shocking that banks, companies, government agencies, hospitals, etc. are all investing a lot in cybersecurity to protect their data. So here are a few reasons why cybersecurity has become so important and necessary:

  • Rapid change in technology leads to a rise in cyberattacks- Technology is always updating and expanding rapidly thus creating opportunities for more and more cyberattack vulnerabilities. Hence, it becomes important that our devices and systems are protected by updated cybersecurity software, which helps in preventing malicious attacks or suspicious activities.
  • Cyberattacks affects each and everyone- Cyberattacks are so advanced that they are capable of damaging or hacking one system and can affect millions at once. For instance, attacking government systems can lead to malfunctioning of all state-run organizations and can easily cause data breaching. For ensuring the smooth working of such organizations and protection of all the confidential information from being breached, it becomes very important that the use of cybersecurity should be considered important and necessary.
  • Need of cybersecurity for Individual purposes- These attackers do not just target companies or organizations but also individuals by planting malware in their devices to gain important information and financial credentials causing huge damages and losses. This also means that the personal safety of an individual and their family is also at risk. By installing certain types of cybersecurity on your device can prove to be very helpful for people.
  • Cybersecurity can make you hack-proof- Cybercrimes are done by individuals or groups who are well-versed with technology and can use the minor faults to hack into your systems. To deal with such hackers, you need professionals who can track them and provide necessary solutions before further damage or data breaching is done. With the best cybersecurity solutions in place, you can keep a tap on intruders or any unethical activity going around in your premises and devices. 

Agencies like the Wall Street Journal also emphasize on the importance and usefulness of cybersecurity in this rapidly growing technological world. This shows how important cybersecurity has become in today’s world.