Which Is Better, A Website Or A Social Media Platform?

Depending on your objectives, you could be advised to get either a website or a social media platform for your business. However, here are tips from pro website design Denver has got. 

You see, a lot of people ask if getting a website beats using a social media platform. Some others have the idea that a social media platform is well-suited to running a business. But just how true are both claims?

A website can come in handy where social media platforms might not, and sometimes, a social media page might outperform a website. That is not to say that in the long run, either of them is better. The truth is that in today’s online space, you need both a social media page and a website to maximize your brand’s visibility, customer conversion, and profits.

A website linked to a social media page is another source of traffic that can boost the ROI of your business tremendously. Why? Many people are spending more time online than before, and the buzz of social media marketing can increase the potential reach of brands. This fact is made more evident by how the major social media platforms seem to restrict access to links leaving their platform. On the other side, websites also serve as traffic sources for social media platforms. For example, most businesses have a panel with their social media handles included at a prominent part of their websites so that visitors can easily follow them.

This is also another reason why many websites are beginning to build a micro-social media platform, such as interactive blogs/communities, on their websites.

To get the best out of your digital marketing campaign, you have to combine a social media profile and a website for your business, products, or services. In doing this, you are offering up more channels and platforms for customers to find you. You are making yourself more visible and sending a message that your business has a wide reach.

According to experts at website design Denver, the best digital marketing tools include social media and website marketing, among others. Why? The synergy gives an edge to the marketing campaign.

Finally, having both a website and social media profile for your business allows flexibility for your customers. Some customers naturally prefer to do business on a website, while a growing number actually prefer using a social media platform. In the end, you all win when your business offers both those of customers the platform they prefer.