HUAWEI Developer Expert, also known as hde is a global program that recognizes individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more HUAWEI technologies. These employees, who are professionals in this field, have to willingly share the latest cutting-edge technologies, facilitate global technological innovation, and have a hand in the development of the global developer ecosystem. These professionals have to deliver speeches in offline discussion groups. They also have to contribute their thought at the summits and help global developers learn about Huawei’s open capabilities. They have to publish articles on online platforms showing high relevance with the domain of expertise.

HDE’S have to respond to the questions of the online as well as offline developers. They have to provide technical guidance for global developers and should be flexible while sharing relevant technologies. They have to develop a course under the domain of expertise and help global developers improve their proficiency and innovation.



  • All the learners and experts will receive an official HDE certificate along with a chance to have an individual public profile on the respective program website.
  • One would have an opportunity to promote a personal brand through official channels.
  • All the learners would have an HDE channel on the website of the program and all of their achievements shall be publicized via various outlets.
  • They would have a chance to promote their personal brands and increase personal influence.
  • The HDE circle offers a platform as a help to all the program members. Through this platform, program members will share their thoughts, ideas, innovations, knowledge, and practice.
  • All the experts enrolling in this program will have the opportunity to participate in the top-5 industry conferences of the world, and learn about the latest developments in technology. They will also be given a chance to communicate and share thoughts with some of the most leading industry professionals.
  • All the members of the program will get invited to Huawei-led events.
  • All the experts will have exclusive HDE incentives along with a comprehensive upgrade system which will further ensure continual growth and generous rewards.
  • All the participant experts will have a great opportunity to participate in the internal product testing, which is organized by Huawei Device.
  • Each expert will have experience first-hand cutting-edge Huawei technological capabilities.
  • They will also be given a chance to discuss highly –relevant issues in and of the industry with the most experienced Huawei technical experts.


  1. One should master at least one of Huawei’s open capabilities.
  2. Should be able to persuade.
  3. Should be experienced at delivering speeches.
  4. Should be able and willing to conduct offline and online training sessions.
  5. Must have created some technical content, including tutorials, code samples, educational books, blog posts, and videos.
  6. Should be able to demonstrate continued activity in the community of the developers
  7. Should be capable of answering the technical questions of the developers.

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