Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

With the continuous use of mobile phones and messaging applications, ithas become easier to communicate with others regardless of location. Even messaging applications are used today for businesses in contacting their clients.

Among the sectors that require business text archiving are the public sector and the financial industry. Several laws serve as guidelines in instant message recording and monitoring voice calls.

Even though most people use mobile phones to communicate, there are still complexities in mobile archiving because there are various Android or iOS devices available. There are also no universal archiving solutions that companies can use. However, they have some options to choose from when archiving mobile communications.

  • Over-The-Top Application

This archiving option is recommended for companies with employees that use both iOS and Android devices. It automatically records any messages sent through the application. However, it has a higher cost of ownership, and it requires end-user training.

  • Mobile Archiving Agent

This option is not used for sending messages, and it only monitors the sent messages. It has a low cost of ownership that easily works across any carriers. However, this option only supports Android devices.

  • In-Network Capture

In this option, the archived messages are directly retrieved from the carrier’s network. It is easy to deploy as there are no applications involved. However, it is only available on selected carriers and requires a fee per device.

For more information about mobile archiving’s top pitfalls, here is an infographic created and designed by TeleMessage.

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