Top 9 Strategies to Follow in 2021 to Help You Boost Personal and Team Projects

It is a given that many amongst us struggle to identify the tried and true way to handle daily commitments. Using Google N-Gram, things are easier to manage.

Let us identify the top nine strategies that we could follow in the year 2021 so as to boost the team as well as personal projects.

1)            Creating a prioritization matrix

We know the power of a priority matrix and how it can help us separate the relevant ones from the not so relevant ones.  You may begin withdrawing a rectangle on the whiteboard divided into four quarters and naming them as crucial, not crucial, do now, do later.

2)            Priority Master list

Creating the above list for personal lives can be a single priority task, however, if you are thinking of teams, then your team members may have varied tasks, priorities and work related goals.

3)            Prioritizing time management

You could wish to carefully prioritize varied daily tasks so as to educate the organization members on the importance of time management.  It is of essence that the team is aware of the importance of managing their time and prioritizing it so that they are able to achieve success in their endeavours.

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4)            The Rule 5 to Team meetings and conferences

There may be task force members who may not be so confident to put forth their views about work as compared to the confident ones. Hence applying the rule 5 works. This means they will have to jot down two tasks they are working on in the present, two tasks they have planned for the future and one task that the employer may expect them but they do not actually work on.

5)            Triaging

Managing or Triaging our busy life is of essence.

6)         Clearing the Decks

Few tasks are like clockwork since we know the time it may take. However, there may be assignments that cannot be given a specific time slot.

6)        Changing focus

A Faster burnout is a result of the stacking the list of to do things which involves mentally challenging tasks. Having the right mix of mundane as well as intense tasks helps us get some mental peace.

7)        Technology help

Few tech tools will be of great help in managing the personal schedule.

8)        To Do List

This helps in keeping with home errands, family commitments and work errands.

9)        Omnifocus

This is ideal like a Task Manager and is easy and simple to use for team uses.

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