Top 5 Remote Work Productivity Killers

No doubt remote working is new to certain organizations and individuals. So, if you are a manager or owner of a company, you have a tough task right in your hand.

Don’t forget they are at their home. Also, various research works clearly state that it might not be good for managers to think that their workers would check out their email when they reach home. In this study, you might come across evidence regarding why the culture of replying to emails after you reach home is a strict no-no.

What Are Remote Work Productivity Killers

When you are going to mitigate any work, check out for the productivity killers. Here it refers to the activities that can waste your company’s resources and time as well as that of your employees.

1) Poor Ergonomic Setup

The most important aspect of the home office setup is ergonomic furniture. Keep in mind that such bad ergonomic can impact one’s health and that too in many ways.

Bad furniture like a chair might lead to back pain and chronic neck problems due to poor posture. It would lead to fatigue and stress, and that is something that no employer would like to have.

In this case, if you can’t provide an ideal chair and desk setup, you could make your employees learn the best way to improve their posture while working.

2) Making A Distinction Among Personal and Office Work

We all know that offices are created for the sole necessity of providing a good environment to work. But a work from home setup might not be the ideal one, as it is easy to blur the boundaries between work and personal life.

As an employer, you can encourage your employees to get a specific space where they can do their office work.

3) Lack of Access to Proper Tech

Most of the survey by Procurify many companies shows that the modern workplace needs good technology. So, being the owner of a company, you must provide access to the latest tech to avoid hampering productivity.

4) Surrounded by Distractions

Distractions are more in one’s home than in the office. The undivided attention that your employees give to their personal work since being at home would hit your weekly or monthly work schedule.

5)  Lack Of Communication

Since your employees are at home, they might feel left out. As a business owner, you must ensure that the lines of communication are constantly open.


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