The Worst Mistakes Your CV Can Have

Do you know why you are not called for an interview? Discover these common mistakes in your CV.

On the contrary, when your curriculum is not relevant, nobody sees it, nobody is interested in you, and you are still waiting for a call that does not arrive. To prevent this from happening, we will explore the common mistakes your resume can have.

It Is Very Long

No one is impressed by a CV because of its extension; there is simply no time to read it. The challenge is to highlight what is really important in a few words.

Spelling And Writing Errors

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or a financial analyst. The spelling on your resume indicates that you pay attention to detail and that you are professional.

Threshed Phrases

99% of candidates write phrases such as “highly responsible,” “results-oriented,” “proactive” on their curriculum. They are very common, and they are abused in a job search, that is why no one impresses. Focus on highlighting your experience and skills and let your achievements speak for you.

You Include All Your Academic History

If you have a bachelor’s degree, it matters little in which primary, secondary, or high school you studied. However, some make the mistake of listing their entire school career. Enough with your last degree of study. If you have a bachelor’s degree or high school, include the completed semesters.

False Information

When you lie on your resume, you not only put the selection process at risk, you also damage your reputation and close doors. Be honest about the periods worked in a workplace, skill level, and language skills.

An Unprofessional Format

Order and cleanliness are critical factors in your curriculum vitae design (desain curriculum vitae, which is the term in Indonesia). Avoid hard-to-read fonts, margins that steal space or ornaments.

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