The Right Mouse for Your best Choices Now

Choosing a mouse to work on is often overlooked but, in reality, very important for working more effectively on the computer. For anyone working in the world of graphics, then, the mouse is one of the main working tools. If you want to find the right mouse to make graphics, this is the right article.

The purpose of this article, in fact, is to provide you with all the technical aspects to consider in order choosing the best professional mouse for your needs. After this guide you will be sure to have the right knowledge to choose only the best for your job. The lightweight mouse would be the best choice there.

Ready? Ok, come on, let’s get started. And we do it by answering a rather common question:

“Is it better for a graphic designer to use the mouse or the graphics tablet?”

  • Just visit some forum dedicated to the topic to come across the two factions that compete for comments.
  • The answer, as it always is, depends.
  • It basically depends on the habits we have in using the tools.

There are those who prefer to use the graphics tablet, generally those who work a lot with photo editing, drawing or sculpting , and there are those who prefer the mouse, for example to work in vector graphics or to model in 3D with CAD programs.

Obviously all this is only indicative: different people approach the tool differently according to their needs. There are people who have even replaced the graphics tablet instead of a mouse to surf the internet.

The real advice we can give you is to use both tools before making a judgment , after which you will find pros and cons for both and you can alternate them in your graphic operations. In this article, however, we talk about mouse. If you are interested in graphics tablets you can read the article on how to choose a tablet or the one on the best graphics tablets in circulation. Solved this doubt, let’s proceed.

What are the types of mice? And which ones to choose to work?

The shape of the mouse is another of the open debates in the world of graphics. Traditional, vertical mouse with trackball?

Basically, the choice of one or the other seems to depend not only on the ease of use, but also on the avoidance of very annoying pathologies for those who use a lot of these tools, such as the much feared carpal tunnel or the onset of tendonitis .

Traditional mouse

Traditional ergonomic mouse

The traditional mouse in this perspective is not very comfortable as it forces you to keep your hand in a not exactly ergonomic position, as the palm is parallel to the table.

However, according to many experts in the sector, it is possible to limit the problems caused by incorrect use of the mouse by following simple tips:

  • Try to keep the forearm as much as possible above the desk so as not to overwork the tendons
  • Set a mouse sensitivity such that with small movements you can easily cover the entire screen
  • Use a comfortable and ergonomic chair at the right height so that you can keep your arm parallel to the work surface.

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