The Finest Tech Gifts You Can Rely On

You have probably encountered the difficulty of choosing a gift to give to that childhood friend, that co-worker or that family member you have known for years. Know that this difficulty is not an evil that only afflicts you and that is why today we have created an incredible list with 20 gift ideas for people who like technology.

Choosing a gift can be a laborious and difficult task for anyone, especially if what you want to buy is a gift linked to technology, with all its variety of products and with all its frequent updates. From Tech Compact you can now find the perfect deals and that too within the best choices.


But don’t despair

Knowing a little about the tastes of the person to be presented is the first step. So, if it’s technology, this step has already been taken. Now, the second step is to check out the list we have prepared for you containing 20 gift ideas for people who like technology and choose!

The list contains products that have a great cost-benefit ratio, although they cannot always be considered cheap products. Of course, it depends on how much you are willing to invest in the present. Here is the list ordered by values, starting from the lowest.

Technology books

To like technology is also to like information about technology and, therefore, books about technology.

Our list of gift ideas begins, therefore, with the suggestion of the books “The Innovators: a Biography of the Digital Revolution” and “Steve Jobs”, both by the American journalist Walter Isaacson.

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In the first, the reader will find an incredible narrative about the emergence and transformations of technology and the brilliant minds that contributed to it, such as Ada Lovelace, Alan Turning and Bill Gates. In the second, the reader will find the biography of the idealist and visionary Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple.

Physical books can be found for prices starting at R $ 32.31 and R $ 20.71, respectively, and are our first tip on this list of gifts for people who like technology.

  1. VR glasses

Quite popular these days, virtual reality simulator glasses, or VR (Virtual Reality) glasses, appear to be a product that is difficult to acquire for many people. And many are still! However, technological advances quickly developed excellent, undemanding and very affordable models. Therefore, they could not be left out of this list of gifts for people who like technology. The Shinecon VR 2.0 is one of those models. It is comfortable, portable and lightweight, weighing only 380 grams. Its use requires the possession of a smartphone with a screen between 4.7 and 6.0 inches.


The device has a compartment where the smartphone is allocated and adjustable distance lenses that convert the cell phone image into 3D image. You will easily be able to buy it from the minuscule value of R $ 71.90.