The Effect of the Great Firewall of China on Business Performance

As you may be well aware, the Chinese government created the Great Firewall of China (GFoC) that can block any website with content against its rules and regulations. This has not only affected businesses that target the Chinese market but also the Chinese people. Most are left with less exposure to world issues as well as an effect on personal businesses. There are world issues, especially those that involve social media, which many Chinese are left out of. The performance of businesses, as well as their website content, has been adversely affected if they are blocked completely or partially by the GFoC due to various causes.

Therefore, it is important to know if a site is blocked in China and what might be the causes. Only through this exercise, you’ll get insight into the ways that you can use to make your website not be identified as a threat by the GFoC. It is outstandingly effective in blocking websites that are suspected of violating the Chinese website regulations, and here is the effect of this blockage on performance.

Limited access to the business website by the Chinese market

A website’s performance is measured by how fast internet users can access the information on it. The Chinese firewall is great at completely blocking or slowing websites that do not meet the required regulations by the Chinese government. As a result, users of the website get impatient or find the website ineffective and thus stop using it altogether.

This could be bad for your business because, as you well know, the Chinese market is great for certain products and services that they do not have local access to. The worldwide website is the best way to take your business global, but the Chinese firewall will be there to ensure that whatever you present to the Chinese people is within the requirements of the government. To make sure that this limitation does not affect your business, your business website must operate within the regulations set by the Chinese government.

 Unprecedented website blockage by the Great Firewall of China 

Your website could be operating well in China but then have an unexpected outage that you may not know of. This is common with many business websites, especially those that have regular advertisements. According to the set regulations by the Chinese government, websites with content that portrays information that could be suspected to cause incitements, appear explicit, are discriminatory, or defame the government are to be blocked.

That means that your website could be operating well within China but then get blocked the moment any information that is against the set regulations appears. This happens without you being notified, and therefore, it affects the performance of your website because now the targeted people cannot have access to your website.


As far as the GFoC is concerned, any information that does not meet the Chinese website regulations is to be blocked. There are no known ways to unblock a website that has been blocked by the GFoC, and so you should follow the right channels to avoid the performance of your website from getting compromised. Even if your website may not be blocked, you may be affected by loading speed issues that plague most foreign hosted websites. So you may need professional help to optimize your deliverability and performance of your website.