Steps to become a back-end web developer


Web-development jobs are very much in demand these days; you can not only work as a freelancer but also should take any full-time job regarding web development, implementation and development-oriented services. The life of a web developer is not all about awe and happiness which many people believe it to be; there is some high level training and hours of sweating and keys clanking that are involved in glistening the career of a web development professional.

Today, in this article, some of the most fundamental aspects of the job of a web developer will be demonstrated. Look closely, don’t miss any of the details and you shall learn the secret to become a back-end web developer;


  • Choose a language and dedicated framework


It is not possible for a professional to learn everything in one month and come out as a professional web developer. It is important that you develop a proper timeline and availability of yourself as a professional to start the process of learning. First of all, you need to choose a particular language that you want to work with or master, in the long run, some of the options include JavaScript, C++, PHP and Python. When you have selected a language that you want to learn and work with subsequently, you will need to crave a framework out of this dedicated language.

According to the newest update of 2019, some of the most dedicated frameworks available include Django, PHP Ruby on rails and python Laravel etc. These are not so much as frameworks but the environment systems that can be built over the JavaScript.


  • Learn fundamentals of programming


It is important for a professional who wants to pursue a career in the web development to have a clear indication of basic programming tool and a background knowledge following this procedure. If you don’t have the basic training nor have a dedicated understanding of the fundamentals, then you need to broaden your horizon and learn the basics, because without them you can’t stead forward.


  • Data structure and Algorithms


It is very important for a developer to understand and learn the dedicated knowledge of the data structure and attached algorithms with it. The basic mistake that multiple developers do is that they skip this step and move onto the next one which is not how it should be done at all. You don’t need to become an expert but you should have the partial knowledge of the data structure and the algorithms to excel in this career. Some of the learning elements that can prove beneficial include; Queue, Tree, Graph, Linked List, Storing and searching algorithms.



  • Basics of the framework


This step is crucial to the selection of the framework by the user, as whatever framework that you have chosen you will have to learn the fundamentals of that particular framework. Most of the frameworks that you will choose do follow the model-view-controller principle.


  • Start working on small projects


You should not be looking for the heavy duty leaps or bulk projects during your beginning of the journey, it is not healthy and you will probably end up scoring nothing financially as well. This is why it is recommended that you start your journey with smaller or rather convenient projects and when you have developed the hang for it then move onto the other heavy duty projects. You can find plenty of such projects online and the main reasons that you should start with such projects are to maintain or develop a keen sense of skillset that is required for the job and get your hands on various subjective elements of the field.   

Here is a list of small or starting projects that you can start working on;

  • Simple To-do-list
  • Starting blogs
  • Web apps
  • Resume builder
  • Basic project management app


  • Build something


It is very important not from a learning point of view but also from a general perspective of developing the right skillset that you work on a functional project and at the end of it you do develop something real and feasible out of it. It is probably great if you already have an idea or related insight to start out your ventures, if you don’t have a particular process in mind then it is recommended that you start with building the startup clone. 

Startup clone is not that difficult to begin with, for those who don’t know what it is, the startup clone means that you are cloning or copying some of the great products, apps or website designs that are already present online. This is the most easiest step and should not take much time of yours as well, if you have got an idea then start working over it simply just like that but if not then no worries, you will find an idea for its alternative on the internet. 

The only condition here is that you do start working on something and develop something useful and feasible for the public.


  • Deploying on server


At the end when you have developed something useful for the public, it is now time to deploy the product onto the servers. You can use a variety of combinations or simple settings on the internet, you will find a long list of various server systems that you can use for the purpose of your product deployment. At first you can start with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) as it offers steady scalability for app or web related development systems and one year of FREE service as well.        

After you have grabbed an understanding of the simple aspects of the job then it is time to move onto the technical or complex levels of this profession. Join Web developer coding boot camp in New York to learn necessary skills required to become a web developer. Learn the basic knowledge and the skills required to excel in the web development business and continue to pursue a steady career in web development. 





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