Some Stunning Hacker Statistics and What they have Gained out of Hacking

Until now, it has been already established that almost all electronic devices can be hacked by hackers. Eventually, hacking has become the most alarming concern in the world, especially in the three most sensitive sectors namely the government, retail and technology sectors. The hackings have grown to such an unbelievable ratio that hackers attack every 39 seconds and steal 75 records every second, and more than 2244 hackings are performed by the hackers daily. Amazingly enough, the Russian hackers are the fastest hackers in the world and they can hack a system and complete infiltration of a network within just 18 minutes. Similarly, around 300000 new malware are created every day and the cybercrime is considered as the most profitable profession in comparison to other legal and illegal professions including drug trade. A rough calculation of total annual profit in the illegal drug trade is estimated at $ 400 billion whereas the hackers have almost earned $ 600 billion in the year 2018.

Many reports say that most businesses around the world are not sure that they are prepared for an online attack, and in fact, 75% of the entire businesses do not even have a cyber breach response plan. Similarly, the cybersecurity 2018 report reveals that 66% of businesses that were attacked by the hackers did not know that they will be able to recover the damage caused by the hackers. A non-disclosing source of information claims that 73% of black hat hackers confirm that the traditionally used antivirus security systems, as well as the firewall, are already outdated and irrelevant and they can never be able to protect the systems by preventing the hackers. The same source further reveals that 80% of the hackers said that human error or the human is the main responsible factor for security breaches in the contemporary period.

As per the US government statistics, the cybersecurity expenditure has been increasing at 14% annually and the total budget of US in the year 2017 was % 13. 14 billion whereas in 2019 it rose to $ 14. 98 billion. The white hat hackers or the hacking researchers who perform hacking for progressive purposes with authentic qualifications and certifications earned around $ 19 million in the year 2018. However, authentic sources reveal that only 6% of the total white hat hackers learned to hack through formal classes whereas 81% of total contemporary white hat hackers learned the craft through educational materials and blogs online.

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