Some of the Pivotal Features of the ArchiversFS and Its Use and Popularity

Many people don’t know about Mltek and most of the times confuse it with Milltek. Well, Mltek is a company based in UK which has the production of wide range of programs that is focused on tackling different challenges in the IT infrastructure. Besides that, one of the amazing things that you will know about Mltek is that, it has a staff of well-experienced or highly experienced people working in IT departments in a position that is high and are very well familiar with sui generis challenges which this field has or presents. Besides all of that, every single product of their company is created with a question, that is if only we could find an application that did this work or that completed that task or so on. All the solutions by Mltek including ArchiverFS from Mltek Software are designed in such a way which offers efficacious, simple, and sui generis answers to different challenging problems.

Announcing an Enhanced Support for Storage Which is non-Windows

The up-to-date version of archiversFS now comprises of an enhanced support for the non-windows storage which provides the users with the ability to or capacity to disable the tenacity of the file level NTFS audit settings especially when the files are archived. The capacity of the tenacity of these entries will mainly depend on the, manage audit log entries. That can also be called as the users right that is being given to the account being used to do the archiving, which is most of the time very tedious on non-windows storage arrays like EMC VNX arrays. The up-to-date version comprises of new skins along with many other enhancements and it is highly suggested upgrade for all the clients regardless of the storage that is being used.

Important Skins That You Can Expect with ArchiversFS

Here in this, you can get all the features that you are expecting. Check out the same here –

  • Flawless stubs which can be left in place of the old files after they have been transferred.
  • Then, next is reporting which is timely in nature
  • A plethora of selections to manage and control how the files are transferred like the size, age, type and so on.
  • The capability to compress the files after they have been transferred.
  • Here you also get huge scalability and operation which is agent-free and also compatibility with several other technologies like DFS and De-Duplication.

Trying Out the Beta and Waiting for IP Spider

IP Spider is an enormously scalable highly reliable multi-thread network route looking at the product. It is made in such a fashion for use by companies that unquestionably have to know about their external connections or if they are down and if they are down then why they are down. Even in the most complicated scenarios it is able to find out exactly where you lost the connectivity, that has occurred within seconds and even if you are using a public internet. With Mltek you can get all beta sites with high discounts on the IP Spider platform after it goes on release.

Contribution Licenses Now Available for ArchiversFS

Over the past few years there were various kinds of request that Mltek received for the introduction of a subscription-based licensing for archiversFS. Up to now, all the licenses were continuous and worked on a buy once and use forever concept with yearly support renewals. Regardless the licensing price being a portion of the close rivals and the truth that archiversFS already showed a great value for money, this model has the result of front loading a plethora of costs. So, it is able to provide a subscription-based license alongside the continuous liecenses that allows us to offer a way to expand the initial costs equally for more than 2 years.

Therefore, if you are looking to find a simple solution and cost efficacious ways to get a grip on your expanding or spreading file system then take a look at archiversFS, no matter what the file size is. Here with Mltek’s archiversFS solution you can save money on your backups by reducing as to how much information you back up. Also, minus your restore times in the case of disaster. Besides all of that, it assists you with ensuring compliance with latest legislation in one’s region or location regarding the holding of data. For instance, Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom.

It also allows you to do a free up of space importantly on your costly 1st line storage. You can also download the archiversFS trial version for free or download a free copy online and take a test of the samples. The trial download is completely featured and it allows you to completely explore all that it consists of on your system in your own hours or time.

Some Important Additional Features that ArchiversFS Offers

  • Supporting the version of Windows 2008, Server 2019 and Windows Storage Server. You can install in all of these versions.
  • Flawless match with windows inbuilt SDS, SAN based replication, DFS, Microsoft search server, de-duplication, and compression.
  • Next, it is a recognized product with wide range of clients from all around the globe. Several different firms all over the globe which are billion-dollar companies are using this and this is being used in more than 40 countries all around.
  • It is only because of the use of unpolluted REFS or NTFS for 2nd line storage, that the attributes and permissions are 100% preserved.
  • Complete Unicode backing for many of the file system characters sets in the world comprising of Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and English.

Getting Space on Your First Tier Storage Which is Costly

One of the main principles that you ought to know is that, the less information that you try to collect in your 1st tier storage, the longer will it lasts. People have most commonly faced this situation and in some years of time, people require more space or storage space for their files that keeps expanding, and then they will go to buy that extra space by adding shelves to the layers and so on. So, Mlteks’ archiversFS can help you to extend the life of your file system.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Besides all of that, in Europe, Mltek has a GDPR regulations and there are many countries that have the similar regulations. These are some such kind of regulations which need the companies or firms to know how long they can preserve the information. And, coming up to such expectations and requirements is pretty challenging for the companies which does uses some type of archiving software, especially if you are having information that is in unstructured form. So, with the help of Mltek you can specify for how long you want to keep the data before disposing it off completely.