Significance of photo editing in journalism

Photo editing plays a major role in journalism as newspapers not only feature stories but images are also part of the newspaper. They are an inevitable part of journalism. Hence, it is equally important for the media industry to edit pictures. To enhance a photo it is important that you edit them.

What is photo editing?

Photo editing is a technique to improve the ordinary pictures and make them extraordinary. An editor can resize the picture to fit the layout of the page. Photo editing ensures that the picture does not include any unnecessary elements. Photo editing is done for various purposes and is considered as an innate part of photography. No photo is complete without editing. This link guides you to remove blemishes and make picture more attractive and vibrant.

Importance of photo editing in journalism

  • To attract viewers: Journalism is a wide term that not only includes written but also visuals for relaying information to the viewers. Visuals are more capable of holding the attention of the viewer when compared to written texts. Hence, they are an important part of newspapers. Editing of the picture gives an edge to the picture to attract more viewers.
  • Story telling: It is not necessary that you use written texts to convey a story. Visuals and pictures are an easy and more effective way of telling a story. Therefore, the journalism industry uses photos to convey the story behind the picture. Editing helps to organize the picture in a manner that conveys the exact message which the photographer intends to convey.
  • Compliments written text: News that contains photos along with written texts holds more importance as it serves as the guidance for the message. Editing allows you to mould picture in a manner that compliments the written text.