Reasons Why Ecommerce Store Needs To Consider Backlink Audits

Lots of eCommerce store owners optimize for Facebook ads and PPC campaigns. They ignore SEO and backlinks. Every year, more and more advertisers adapt to PPC, which escalates the CPC [cost per click] rate. So, online store owners need to decrease their obsession with ad campaigns and concentrate on earning more backlinks.

Backlinks are links directing to your eCommerce store site from another website. But, why do backlinks matter, or how do they work?

  • Google trusts sites that get more backlinks. Each backlink is a confidence vote.
  • The more backlinks earned means the more Google believes in your site and the higher it will rank your webpage on search queries.
  • With better search engine visibility, you gain more natural traffic.

Organic traffic generated from SERPs display high conversion rates than PPC. If you feel that you can pay for backlinks rather than go to all the effort and is time-consuming. Never look for shortcuts because Google bots are smart and if they detect your search engine exploitation then your store can be delisted or penalized. So stay away…….!

A backlink audit regularly is essential to maintain a healthy backlink portfolio.

Reasons to consider regular backlink audit

  • Avert decline in SEO ranking – High-link backlinks increase the online visibility of your eCommerce store. Alternatively, low-quality backlinks can damage search engine ranking. You need to clean your backlink profile and avert the downside of negative SEO.
  • Outrank competitors – Study competitors’ backlinks status and evaluate to find link-building opportunities. Compare and find reliable domains for citation and partnership building.
  • Prevent penalty – Regular backlink audit helps you to stay ahead and avoid losing significant traffic because of Google penalty. Low-quality links can force the bots to decrease your ranking, so to avoid this, you need to use monitoring tools and clean your backlink profile.


Use Linkascope to find links pointing to your website or your competitors including referring domain numbers and IP addresses. Check the anchor text and how many links are dofollow or nofollow, and more.

Currently, the solution is free but you can take advantage of its rich features like website monitoring, backlink tracking, anchors analytics, technical SEO audit, and identify any new backlinks you are unaware about.

Google penalty can make you lose huge traffic but if you regularly take care of bad backlinks then the chances of losing potential sales reduce significantly. The program even offers a URL shortener feature called With the URL shortener, you can keep track of the link performance. It is a great way to identify customers’ behavior patterns and determine their needs.


Marketers find SEOMoz an excellent toolkit that includes a backlink checker. It speeds up your backlink audit procedure by finding potentially toxic links. Besides, you even gain an insight into your competitor’s backlink profile.

Monitor Backlinks

It is a great backlink analysis solution that speeds up the audit process. After detecting the toxic backlinks, you can start to eliminate them. You need to email every bad backlink source to remove your link but may not be fruitful. You will have to use the disavow feature to create a file and submit it to Google.