Putlocker and some applications from Mac that will help you download movies from this site

Avid movie-watchers across the world are very comfortable with the name Putlocker. All of them are relying on this beautiful app that can help you to reach out to the newest titles on the market. Be it action or romedy, Putlocker will help you surf through all your favorite genres at once. Users will also get an offline library so that your no internet movie night goes uninterrupted. With this fantastic feature on Putlocker, you can have a movie night with your family even when the connection of the internet is slow.

So, we all know how Putlocker download movies better than other websites. However, on Mac, you have to find a third-party application to save videos from the website. Here is a list of applications that can help you to download movies from Putlocker.

VideoDuke for Mac:

VideoDuke for Mac is the best app to download any movies or any videos from any of the websites online. VideoDuke can be helpful if you are searching for an application to download movies or videos from the Putlocker website on your Mac. This application will give you a range of formats and quality settings more than any other application online. Plus, you can save the actual video, download images, subtitles and much more files related to the Online Video Converter from the website. VideoDuke downloads the movies from the OpenLoad servers. The file will be downloaded in .ts segments if the file is downloaded from other servers. You can copy the URL from Putlocker and paste it in VideoDuke, or you can also search directly from the website to find other social media platforms and streaming service where the movie is available

Total Video Downloader

This application here is a great one to download movies and videos from Putlocker. This application allows users to build an offline library that will help the user to watch movies and videos whenever you want. All a user need to do is to copy the URL, and just like VideoDuke earlier, you will paste the link in Total Video Downloader application. Total Video Downloader also has this feature where they ask you if you want to download a movie you are watching already on Putlocker. All you have to do is to click ok and the movie will eventually be downloaded.

Aiseesoft Mac Media Downloader

If you want a list of movie downloading applications for your Mac, Aiseesoft Mac Media Downloader has to make it to that list. It helps you to handle audio and converting audios into video formats. It also helps to deliver an increased downloading speed of your browser. But most importantly will help you to download movies from Putlocker on your Mac. You can also choose between HD and SD quality and all you have to do to download your favorite movie are to copy and paste the link from Putlocker to Aiseesoft Mac Media Downloader.

So, check out these applications to download movies from Putlocker on your Mac and enjoy the no internet hours of your life too.

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