PlutoSDR – a QuickStart Guide

If you are looking to set up your PlutoSDR quickly as well as efficiently, you have come to the right place. In this quick and easy to use tutorial, we will go over the basics and will provide you with some quick tips on enabling the full frequency range that will include 70 MHz to 6000 MHz and bandwidth to 56 MHz.

First Things First – Applying the Frequency

Keep in mind that if you are using the Windows SDR# plugin, you will need to start with applying the hack in the first place, which is why we recommend you do this before any Windows installations. By using this hack, you will be able to trick the PlutoSDR firmware and make it believe that it already has the AD9364 chip. Seeing how both AD9363 and AD9364 chips are alike, this should work in both cases. Of course, you will be applying the hack at your own risk. Yet, let’s face it – every hack in the book is being applied at your own risk. Still, in the given scenario, the risks are lower than expected.

First of all, make sure you download the right terminal emulator software PuTTY at

Find the USB port and plug your PlutoSDR in it.

Find the Windows Device Manager and make sure you are expanding the Ports (COM & LPT) entry. Make sure you note which COM port the PlutoSDR Serial Console is being applied to. Make sure you close the manager afterward.

Select the ‘serial’ button right after opening the PuTTY.

Type in the COM port the PlutoSDR is applied to in the ‘Serial line’ input field.

Proceed to pressing Open and a greeting login screen should appear.

Use your credentials to login – username: root, password: analog.

Follow the instructions and type in the necessary commands.

Simple as that.

Sure enough, the consequent upgrade for Windows OS or Linux OS takes a bit more time and you can learn all about it by simply visiting the ham radio forum. There, you will find more instructions and guidelines that will allow you to make the most from your needs within the very least amount of time feasible. Feel free to explore all the options and make the most from your upgrades within the very least amount of time feasible. Check out the forum and get all the info in one place.