Make Website Accessibility a Seamless Affair with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin

Website accessibility is the civil right of everyone who accesses the Internet. However, many small business owners are still resorting to manual techniques to fix the website accessibility problems of their sites. This ordeal is very expensive, and if they overlook any small aspect of web accessibility, they will be liable to legal penalties.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin comes to the rescue

The accessibe wordpress plugin is an innovative tool that helps business owners of small companies to get a 24/7 compliant and accessible site. The tool can be installed and activated in just a few minutes. It is infused with AI technology and ensures your site is accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities.

 Daily scans for making your site compliant

Making your site compliant and keeping it compliant are two different things. In the past, you might have resorted to manual techniques to boost the accessibility of your site. However, you fail here, as the code breaks with every update on WordPress. The same holds true when new content is uploaded or when the browser changes.

The creators of this innovative plugin kept all of the above challenges in mind. This is why they have infused the powerful technology of artificial intelligence into the tool to make it work seamlessly. This tool is automated, and it runs silently in the background. It quickly checks the content of the site every 24 hours. In case it detects new content, it will run through the whole section and make the much-needed adjustments to the content in under 48 hours.

Cost-effective and time-saving

If you compare the costs of this plugin with the expenses business owners in the past used to incur for making their sites accessible, it is much lesser than these manual costs. Moreover, the time taken for manual processes to fix web accessibility issues took weeks and months. So, here time was a major factor as well. This tool is a financial investment for your customer. It ensures your site is fully compliant and free from the threats of legal penalties.

With the accessibe wordpress plugin, everything becomes affordable and faster. The tool will run through the site at least once a day. It is reliable and helps the business owner focus on the company’s core matters. Users are able to get a better experience when it comes to site navigation and browsing. You can reach out to several people with disabilities and appreciate them for being your customer.

Establish your business brand

Web accessibility helps you establish your business brand in the market. You get a competitive edge in the field of search engines. They prefer sites focusing on web accessibility, which is why they ensure they are listed high on their page engine ranks.

With this unique plugin, you can also enhance sales opportunities to users with disabilities and grow steadily in the market. When you appreciate them and their presence, you can expand your customer base and enjoy a competitive edge in the market with success!