Importance of Choosing Linux Shared Hosting for New Blog Sites

Most bloggers don’t pay a lot of attention to the hosting service that powers their blog. With offering free blog hosting, most bloggers don’t think they need a separate hosting service. While free hosting can help you get started, certain limitations can cause roadblocks once the blog starts growing. With a plethora of web hosting services to choose from, finding the right one can be difficult. Today, we are going to talk about Linux Shared Hosting plans and why new blog sites should opt for them.

Aspects to consider before choosing a web hosting plan

While every blog can have different hosting requirements, you should ensure that you assess your blog’s needs and your budget before finalising it. Also, based on the topic that you plan to blog on and your online reach, determine the kind of traffic you can expect on your site. There are different types of hosting services available, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting for your choice. Also, you can consider Windows or Linux based on your comfort and the platform that you use for blogging.

Shared Hosting plans and bloggers

For most bloggers, Shared Hosting plans based on Linux are a perfect fit since they offer the following benefits:

  1. Lower costs – New blog sites usually have low IT budgets, making Shared Hosting plans a good option since they are the most affordable hosting services around.
  2. Low resource requirements – A blogging site needs some time before it can gain traction. Usually, a blog has low traffic and hence low resource requirements. So, a Shared Hosting service fits well.
  3. Managed hosting environment – A new blog site requires a lot of effort to promote it and create content that is relevant and unique. On the other hand, hosting requires the site owner to manage some critical tasks regularly, like running security scans, updates, etc. With Shared Hosting, the host takes care of most of these tasks freeing your time to focus on establishing your blog.
  4. Simplicity – When you start a blog, we have a few articles and a handful of regular visitors. You don’t need much from the hosting service except to provide maximum uptime, security, and uninterrupted services. Hence, opting for complex hosting services like VPS or Dedicated Servers which need technical knowledge and require your investment of time makes no sense. A Shared Hosting plan allows you to host your site within no time and keeps the process of site management simple.
  5. Support – Not everyone is a technical whiz. But, web hosting is a specialised process, and one cannot rule out the possibility of a snag causing your site to slow down or crash. While the host takes care of most server-related issues in most managed hosting services, sometimes, you can troubleshoot the snag at your end. However, this needs a strong support team that can walk you through the steps to solve smaller problems yourself. Since a Shared Hosting service keeps technical management in control of the host, the support team is robust and can help you get through such situations.

Summing Up

Remember, blogging is one of the traditional forms of establishing your online presence. Whether you are a company or an individual, blogging can help you create an online identity and pursue your goals. With the right hosting service, you can optimise the performance of your blog and reach your target market. Research your options and choose the right provider before signing the dotted line. Good Luck!