How to check a site using the IP of another country?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to go to your site with the IP of another country. For example, to check one or another functionality that works differently depending on the IP of the country from which the user is logged in. This article will make clear how you can conveniently do this.

There are two ways:

  • a list of free proxy servers;
  • paid proxy server

Free proxy servers are usually used with the Google Chrome browser. First, you need to install a special add-on in the browser, with which you can conveniently switch between proxy servers. After installation, you should open the settings page for this add-on. Now you need to find a list of free proxy servers. We go to this service, choose for example Netherlands from a huge list. Select one of the fastest proxies, with the smallest RESPONSE TIMES. Next, go to the plugin settings in the browser. After that, in the Server and Port fields, enter the settings of, for example, the NL proxy we’ve selected. Next, open a new tab and enable the proxy. To disable the proxy, select the Direct item in the plugin menu.

But there are some disadvantages of using free proxies, such as slowness and insecurity.

The second option is to use the paid anonymous server Fineproxy, without traffic limit. This option allows multi-threaded programs to run 300% faster than with public proxies.

Of course, your choice of the way depends on your specific needs.