Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Founded in 1987 is a Chinese designated global technological company, firmly headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Its job is to stylize, innovate, develop, and produce automation appliances and consumer-friendly gadgets. The latest huawei location Kit integrates the GPS, Wi-Fi, and central station localities to offer the app developers speedy and accurate obtainment of user positions, to assist in building up universal positioning potentiality, and to help them flexibly reach an extensive ratio of consumers around the globe.

Currently, the Huawei Location offers three main potentials to help ease out the functioning process and to provide optimum satisfaction and results to its users. They are:

  • Fused Location: Provides a coordinated and accessible set of APIs for the user’s app, to instantly know the device’s location drew from the GNSS, the user is interested in, consequently helping them get notified about any activity like entering, leaving, etc. occurring in the area.
  • Activity Identification: Witnesses the users’ current location through the mobile network, acceleration sensor, and gauss meter, to help the app adapt its user’s behavior.
  • Geofence: Through an API, the app assists to set up a location the user is interested in, consequently helping them get notified about any activity like entering, leaving, etc. occurring in the area.

A detailed guideline on how to set up and access the above-mentioned perks:

  • Location Update- To obtain location access for your app, apply for permission by contacting the requestLocationUpdates, by visiting LocationRequest, place requests for specific modes of parameters and locations, and finally, to refrain from receiving location statuses, contact removeLocationUpdates.
  • Activity Identification- The Huawei Location app can perceive the status of movements like cycling, running, or walking through two ways, which are:

The method of contacting the createActivityIdentificationUpdates, through this method, the user can set intervals for detecting updates on Activity Identification, as per their convenience. When larger values are set, fewer detections will be made, and more activity detections will be made when smaller values are set. For this method, visit the deleteActivityIdentificationUpdates, in order to stop receiving activity identifications.

The second method helps to perceive the device’s activity conversion updates. Contact the createActivityConversionUpdates. The user has the privilege to choose any activity status that he/she wants to be notified about. The time period for recognizing activity conversion updates is 200 seconds whilst the device’s screen is off, and five seconds whilst the screen is on. To stop receiving activity conversion updates, contact deleteActivityConversionUpdates.

  • Geofence- By creating a Geofence based on your interests, the location kit can perceive the distance between the present location and the Geofence. Once the device will enter the Geofence area, the app will notify the user. Moreover, the Huawei Location app also notifies the user if the time duration of its devices stay in the Geofence exceeds the pre-set limit. A Geofence can also be created by selecting an area and accessible parameters, on the map.

Along with all the above-mentioned perks, the Huawei Location Kit also restricts the usage of cloud Geofence, network location switch, 3D elevated road navigation, and highly precise location updates, to only some gadget models.

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