Here’s why it is a bad idea to leave your photos to be fixed in post:

Many photographers have this attitude of being careless while clicking the picture and thinking they will make it better in post. However, it does not matter what application you use, there will only be a limited amount of control that you will get while editing your picture. Like any other art form, photography is also a creative field which requires the total attention of an artist while composing a shot. Think of your frame as a canvas, and what all you have to do is to paint a beautiful memorable piece on it. This might sound straight forward except for it’s not. It takes years of practice to be able to frame a picture in such a way that could invoke certain emotions in the audience, and all of it has to be done on to the set.

Enhance your image using an appropriate image editor:

Now, it does not matter how much work you have put while taking the picture, there’s always some room for improvement. That improvement can be achieved by using an editing application. People who are Mac users can refer to this list here to know about the different editing programs available for them.

Tips that every beginner should keep in mind:

Whether you are a professional photographer or started it as a hobby, it is important to always click your pictures in raw format. A raw format has large color information as compared to the standard JPEG format. The extra information lets you have more control while editing the raw image. Also, keep in mind to left bare minimum to be fixed in post. Think of post processing as a method just to enhance your images but not to correct your flaws. With this mentality, you will be able to save a lot of your time that might have gone in solving issues.