Get to Know the 3 Techniques to Reset Your WordPress Site

Even though WordPress is a reliable CMS, things can go erratic if you don’t plan your site properly, forcing you to start again from the scratch. It doesn’t mean you need to delete and reinstall the site, which is time consuming. Just reset the WordPress and delete the files in the databases. You will get a refreshed WordPress in its original state!

Why is there a need to reset the WP site?

There are several situations, where you may want you to reset your WP site.

  • Got locked out – There are multiple reasons you cannot access your website. There can be a coding failure after an update, which cannot be resolved, or a security breach. Fortunately, you have backup data! First, reset and restore the backup data – It is that simple!
  • Clean testing clutter – Developers use WP setups to test themes, content, plugins or several site layouts. After completing a test round, reset your site and start fresh again.
  • Rebuild your site – You may not be satisfied with the performance of your site or desire to use this domain for a new project, reset the WP and start. 

There are few ways to reset WordPress site. Manually is a tedious technique but is not impossible. The developer uses the command-line tool, while non-tech people refresh the site with a click using a plugin.

How to reset the WP site manually?

  1. Locate the WP Database through cPanel & delete the ones that correspond to ‘wp’.
  2. Create a new WP database on the MySQL databases section. Add the user to this database.
  3. Delete leftover files in folders themes [leave minimum one theme], uploads, and plugins.
  4. Reinstall WordPress in a fresh version with the in-built script.

How to reset the WP site using the command-line tool?

WP-CLI is a command-line tool, which allows SSH {Secure Shell} access to edit the platform. Simple commands are used to do this complex task. The command line to enter is ‘wp db reset’. This indicates a reset, but you will also need to clean plugins and themes with this method. This technique is a great time saver. 

How to reset the WP site installing a plugin?

Install WP Reset tool, and through the Tools section gain access to settings, where you can choose how and what to reset. The plugin asks for confirmation, so you won’t have to be concerned about accidental deletion or reset. However, before you modify, double-check everything. The wise step is to have a backup of your website, just in case!

WP Reset has good features, which allows you to reset the site entirely or only some parts. Partial resets are very handy if you desire to reset the theme option only or quickly clean the upload folder. You even get to choose automatic reactivate plugins or currently active theme. This saves time significantly. 

Developers love the WP-CLI support and the database snapshot feature. It allows them to quickly do a test of the current database version on an old one. It can even be employed to detect any glitches on your site, and it even speeds your site performance. The plugin gets maintained and updated regularly. 

Before resetting you WP site, you could also check if you can resolve the problems with the redirect WordPress option, where you can automatically send the users and search bots to new and updated pages.

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