Fact or Fiction – Common Misconceptions About Public Records Archiving

Public records archiving is a method that public and private offices use to keep documents in a safe place if they need the papers again. Public records like marriage certificates, court records, birth records, death records, statistical data, minutes of a meeting, and other available information are stored. 

Public records are needed as they serve as proof of something that happened. For instance, a certificate of birth is a record that shows details about the birthplace, time, and parents of an individual. These details can be used as evidence if there is a case of illegal migration or falsification of documents. 

Instant messages can also be used as a public record nowadays, as most messages that are used in business transactions have essential details. Instant messages are mandatory to be recorded under a few bodies of law. Each state has its rules concerning the use of mobile messaging as public documents. 

Despite the existence of public records for centuries, people can still be mistaken about public records archiving. If you want to know what these mistakes are, you can check this infographic from TeleMessage to learn these misconceptions.