Display of OnePlus 8 Pro Mobile

All the mobiles have display in which people can watch videos, play games and do a number of things. Some mobiles have touchscreen while some work with the help of bottoms only. OnePlus 8 Pro is a mobile, which consists of capacitive touch screen, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Let us know more about the display of the mobile due to which people like to buy OnePlus 8 pro.

Display of the mobile

The panel of the mobile is same as that of Samsung mobiles and the company has tried to have the best options for the display. The display of OnePlus 8 Pro has the height of 6.78 inches and it has the resolution of 3168 x 140 pixels. The pixel density of the screen is 513 ppi. The refresh rate of the screen is 120 Hz. The mobile has the capability to render the frequency of 120 Hz all the time but this feature is not available in Samsung mobiles. The screen of OnePlus 8 Pro is bright.

Color profile

The OnePlus 8 Pro consists of two color profiles available in Android. One of these profiles is sRGB and the other is punchier Vivid profile. The punchier Vivid profile comes with a white point that comes under Display P3. Besides these, the mobile also has three other profiles, which users can find under the Advanced option. Users have the option to view the graphics in any profile by manually switching from sRGB to Display P3 and back. The mobile also gives the option of adjusting the white point of the display.

Software display features

The display of the mobile comes with three other features, which are discussed here.

Comfort tone

This is a feature, which helps to adjust the white balance automatically. This helps in being compatible to the light that is surrounding the mobile. Comfort tone of this mobile is similar to Apple’s true Tone. It balances the white balance everywhere except the lockscreen.

Vibrant color effect

This is an effect, which has the ability to convert the video into 10-bit HDR very fast. The video is converted according to the contrast and the sharpness filtering. This effect work only with some special apps and not all the apps.

Motion graphics smoothing

This is a feature, which helps in the processing of frame rate when a video is recorded. The feature works in full screen and is compatible with certain apps.


The panel present on the mobile is one of the brightest and it happens due to the presence of best OLEDs available In the market. Another feature related to the brightness is that the contrast of the screen reduces when there is bright sunlight.

Contrast and Tone Mapping

Tone mapping refers to mapping of the display to the surrounding light. This mapping has a direct effect on the contrast of the screen. That is the reason it is considered as an important feature of OnePlus 8 Pro.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the features of the display of OnePlus 8 Pro. The display is very large and has a god resolution. People can see things clear in bright light also.