Cloud-Biometric Authentication Fortifies FIDO’s Multi-Device Credentials

FIDO, also known as “fast identification online,” is a term that aims to revolutionize authentication and biometric identification on various online platforms. FIDO login authentication makes password-only login obsolete by providing a fast and passwordless login experience for websites and mobile apps.

FIDO2 is the general name for FIDO’s entire set of specifications. FIDO2 authentication allows users to use standard devices to authenticate online services in desktop and mobile environments. Previously, each device they logged into with FIDO had to be registered. They could not reuse credentials from other devices. The new FIDO authentication features are designed to remove the need to re-enroll each user’s device.

FIDO announced they had developed a way for users to log in to their online accounts through passwordless biometric multifactor authentication solutions such as fingerprints, face ID, and PIN codes. It will allow users to create FIDO accounts on multiple devices using Apple, Google, or Microsoft’s passwordless online platform.

FIDO passwordless solutions are not perfect. For example, they assume that the person who registered the device is the account owner. The device can be used to authenticate multiple users, but the enterprise would not have any record of which each user made authorized login or transaction. 

These can make it easier for fraudsters to bypass security protocols because the device does not identify or verify the user. The limitations of device-based authentication are that it doesn’t provide an audit trail to prove who actually purchased or transferred funds.

Organizations can switch from device-based authentication to cloud-based, secure biometric identification solutions with authID that address shortcomings with FIDO2 to verify their identity. These verification solutions aim to provide tools to organizations that seek to fight fraud and need auditable records to help address the increasing rates of friendly frauds in the long run.

For more information on how cloud-biometric authentication fortifies FIDO’s multi-device credentials, here is an article from authID. You may also visit Login ID for secure and private authentication in the future.