Business Text Archiving: Ways to Capture Messages

Texts are the most used communication platform between employees and customers in your day-to-day business operations. The benefits of text messaging are fundamental to your company, and while you enjoy the convenience, you are still obliged to keep records of them. It can be challenging to figure out the best instant messaging recording solutions, so we’ll help you by giving a simple guide.

Why Should You Archive Text Messages?

Security and reputation are factors that influence your customer base’s trust. Text archiving gives your clients a sense of reliability in your company’s capabilities to keep their information safe. Moreover, these archives help you access old conversations with them that can give you insight into how to manage their situation.

But perhaps the most crucial reason why you must look for archiving instant messaging solutions is compliance. Organizations like FINRA and SEC heavily regulate business communications in all forms. Text archiving will save your company from any violations regarding compliance.

Ways to Capture and Store Text Messages From Your Business

You can archive messages sent to and from your company in many ways. Depending on your organization’s size and how many texts are exchanged, recording can be as simple as taking a screenshot or as complex as using particular software. Keep reading to learn more about these methods.

Take Screenshots

The phone’s screenshot function is the most user-friendly way to record a text message. Employees can use specific gestures to capture their phone’s screens and save the images in PDF format. These images can be sent through email or uploaded to the corporate recordkeeping system. For iPhone users, screenshots are the easiest method of recording messages.

Perform Backups

Android and iPhone devices have built-in backup functions to store and retrieve files, including messages. Android phones have their SMS backup function, while iPhones can recover Files using the Finder function.

However, backups are saved in files that are often not user-friendly, so this method is not recommended for most companies.

Third-Party Applications

An efficient way to secure records and archives of your company’s text messages is by utilizing third-party applications. These apps can be downloaded and installed by your employees. Text messages are saved in various formats, including detailed spreadsheets and PDFs.

Hire Third-Party Services

Hiring third-party services are the solution you should seek for more secure and guaranteed recording and archiving efficiency. Not only are they fully equipped with everything you need, butthese agencies can also save you on time and labor costs.

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