Build A Company Website To Represent Your Business Or Services To The Public

Let’s take a content management system (CMS) as an example. All companies these days should have a business website to present to the public. A CMS is commonly a SaaS solution for your company staffs to easily manage all the content of your website. Before purchasing the SaaS solution, make sure at least it can meet the following criteria.

  • If what your business needs is a cloud-based SaaS solution, then it must be hosted by the service provider. It should not be a software with files that you install locally on your company’s computers or servers.
  • Ensure you are happy with the fees of the SaaS solution i.e. It may be a monthly recurring payment or an annual payment. The software itself may be free of charge, but your business will still pay for the recurring service fee.
  • Make sure you understand the terms in the service level agreement. For example, do you have a way to terminate the service when things go really bad?
  • You should investigate how secure your data will be when your business starts using the SaaS solution.
  • You must consider how easy or hard it is for your employees to go onboard with the new SaaS solution.
  • You want the SaaS vendor to be able to provide the customer support that suits your need when you have problems using the SaaS solution.
  • Ensure your digital marketers and content writers must be able to use the SaaS solution. The problem is that some CMS solutions are created overly complicated, and there is a relatively long learning curve before anyone is able to use it.

For a small business, the SaaS solution may be overwhelmed in terms of cost and effort. All your business needs may well be to install WordPress on Siteground or another inexpensive web hosting solution. This setup will allow you to run and manage the following operations.

  • Create a professional looking website that represents the face of your company to the public. On your website, it will display the services you can provide to your customers.
  • Create a company blog. This will allow multiple staffs to publish new blog articles and update old content.
  • With the blog content and descriptions of services on your WordPress website pages and blog posts, you will be able to implement search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. The objective of SEO is to improve the ranking of your company’s web pages on Google’s search results pages, and similarly to other search engines.
  • Install and set up web analytics (such as a free tool like Google Analytics). With the GA data reports, you will have a good idea of how people have found your company website.

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