Benefits and Importance of Network Performance Monitoring


The ever-growing world of network performance monitoring demands comprehensive solutions that can measure, diagnose, and optimize the performance of networks from the user’s point of view. Still, there’s an inherent complication that each business faces when they need that precious data. And the most vexing part of attempting to troubleshoot network performance is where to search for the root cause of the problem.

It’s easy to see why monitoring network performance is essential. However, it can be even more challenging to find the right company that can work with your needs—but it’s undeniably the key part of monitoring your network’s performance. Observing and analyzing network performance data has numerous benefits, including tracking a wide range of network performance metrics. So, it is important to find providers out there like Viavi Solutions, that offer a comprehensive level of network performance monitoring solutions.

Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring for Your Business

Did you know that the average cost of just a single hour of network downtime is between $300,000 and $400,000? You can see how the money can add up exponentially if your network does go offline. The internet is literally essential for businesses to run these days, and demand is going up, not down. Here are the top benefits of employing network performance monitoring for your business.

Reduce the Average Time for Network Repairs

Performance issues with your network don’t just cost your company money; they cost precious time as well—time that could be better spent elsewhere on more important tasks. Performance monitoring allows for immediate notification of issues or problems, allowing you to start fixing the problem straight away.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth utilization is by far one of the most important metrics to monitor and analyze when it comes to performance. Every company wants to use as much bandwidth as humanly possible, but the other end of that is ensuring that every service your company provides is running correctly and efficiently. Performance monitoring helps you observe bandwidth usage and get immediate alerts when it begins to reach critical levels.

Predict and Ultimately Prevent Downtime

Downtime can be one of the most expensive and costly issues for a company to handle. Monitoring network performance can’t guarantee that there won’t ever be an outage in service. However, they can help track and analyze data that can predict when an outage is about to happen and ultimately fix the problem before it causes downtime, saving you valuable time and money.

Introduce and Test Changes to the Network

When it’s time for reconfiguration or an upgrade, network performance monitoring is crucial. If changes aren’t integrated seamlessly, it can cause performance issues, negatively affect the network, or cause outages. Monitoring performance can track and analyze these changes to ensure they’re running at maximum efficiency and allow you to predict and prevent issues before they cause downtime.

Track, Analyze, and Optimize Your Network with Performance Monitoring

It’s clear to see why monitoring your network performance is essential. Not only can it help prevent network downtime, but it also helps reduce the time it takes to repair problems, monitor bandwidth usage, and test changes to your network. In fact, the time it helps save with monitoring and altering your team of issues before they happen is invaluable and can save time and money. As the world moves further and further into the digital age, finding comprehensive network performance monitoring solutions is becoming more and more vital to everyday life.