AVG Antivirus Free – Android Mobile Security


With the development of technology and social media, people basically live on the internet. Everything they do, all that happens in a day of their life is up on social media, their browsing history, their preferences, their bank details all of this is out there on the grid of the internet. Many people have found this to be extremely concerning as with the growth of technology so has security concerns and malicious activities on the internet. 

Protecting digital assets have seemingly grown into a mandatory task and thus, information security has turned into an important aspect of the modern society. Pete Cashmore stated, “Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking Gun.” This helps us understand that even though the growth of technology and social media is advantageous in numerous ways, it could also lead into many privacy issues and concerns. Therefore, as android is dedicated to providing its users with the best possible service, the AVG Antivirus apk is now up and about to ensure the safety of you and your devices. 

AVG Antivirus for Android

Since one of the most common ways of intruding privacy is malicious websites and viruses, AVG app has been designed to protect your device from harmful content, viruses, and malware in order to keep your personal data protected by all of the features it offers. It scans all of the apps on your device and also tracks down apps that slows down the performance of your phone, allowing you to get rid of them and making the best use of your time and your device’s performance ability. It also clears unnecessary and duplicate files on your device which you may have not even noticed was there. 

It organises your device in such way that you would feel extremely relived with all of the hassle you will be getting rid of thanks to AVG app. You also have the ability to lock all of your sensitive apps or data with a PIN or fingerprint so that you no longer have to worry about security issues or anyone accessing your sensitive information. 

The Wi-Fi scanning feature allows you to connect only to safe Wi-Fi providers and keeps you away from malicious connections. And you want to know what is most exciting about this app? It also has the ability to send you alerts if any of your passwords have been leaked. Basically, you can consider this app as your personal security guard who is dedicated to keep you and your sensitive information safe at all times. You can now live an organised and hassle-free life you have always dreamed of with safe connections and organised platforms by just simply downloading the AVG Antivirus app for absolutely free!

Download AVG Antivirus for Android

This is a free and effective virus scanner available for Android phones. First open Google play store and search “AVG”. You will see cleaner app and antivirus application on search results. Install both for optimized and protected device.

For devices without play store and for device that does not allow AVG applications, can use AC Market. No restrictions and no login required. Just install this app store and download any Android apk to your phone. Check how to install AC Market.