How Amazon Web Services Uses Linux

Amazon-Web- Service (A.W.S) was set up in 2006 with an example and an operating system: Amazon Linux. The wonders of cloud computing have increased since then, allowing users to interact withmore or less 30 models, additionally consumption ofoperating systems in...


How does cyber security knowledge come of use?

There are some basic guidelines that we can all follow in the prevention of security breaches. For example, employees can be trained to not click on any shady e-mails. They would very well contain malicious software that can cause significant...


3 Things to Avoid on the Dark Web

The dark web is one place that is a huge source of malware and misinformation. Since the dark web is and it’s access anonymous, there is a high chance that this can be used for illegal activities. The dark web...


The Worst Mistakes Your CV Can Have

Do you know why you are not called for an interview? Discover these common mistakes in your CV. On the contrary, when your curriculum is not relevant, nobody sees it, nobody is interested in you, and you are still waiting...


Why WordPress Security Plugins Are Useful For Your Site

WordPress security plugin has seen tremendous growth over the years — the basic rules remain the same. To ensure a secure and reliable WordPress site, you need to back up, use the right hosting provider, and follow necessary security measures....

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