All you need to know about dedicated server hosting


There are a lot of articles on the internet explaining about the dedicated server hosting. But in this article, you will get to know about the basics and important facts of dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is nothing but when you use a single server exclusively and you do not have to share the fully managed vps with anybody else. Nobody else can be a controller for your server and you can operate it according to the needs of your domain and as per the requirements.

Of course, a dedicated server can be expensive for you but it is much better than the shared server. With a few extra pennies, you will get wonderful benefits and multiple features. A dedicated server is the best choice for you, if your website is visited by a lot of people and over a shorter period of time.

Type of dedicated servers:

Broadly, the dedicated servers are categorised into two special categories i.e,

  • Unmanaged dedicated server
  • Managed dedicated server

An unmanaged dedicated server is something which is operated by non-other than you. You are the controller of an unmanaged dedicated server. In today’s times, no one chooses the unmanaged dedicated server because it is not that easy to operate.

A managed 1gbps dedicated server is something which is controlled by a controller. It can be a web hosting company or it can be the rented company. The web hosting company will not ensure the flawless running of the server but it will also ensure the regular maintenance of the server.

Advantages of dedicated servers:

Best performance: The dedicated servers can give the best performance by handling large traffic all the time. Even if your website has very high traffic, it would not show any glitches.

Reliability: Without a doubt, it would be right to say that most of the small and large businesses invest in the dedicated server because of the reliability.

Control: No matter whether the host is controlling or any other company, everything is under your control only. You can simply control it according to your needs and requirements.