9 Types of Internet Marketing Strategies

What makes or breaks a company in the modern internet environment? The answer is: what type of online marketing strategy it uses. Lucky for all of us, there is not only one correct answer but more of a mixed stew of great ideas and suggestions. Modern marketing strategies have evolved in myriad ways, and each branch or tactic has something unique to offer. That way, you can pick&choose what you wish and apply what works for your company. The result will almost always be unique. Let’s get going!

1. PPC marketing

Pay-per-click is as direct as it gets to online marketing. You pay for your content to be published and distributed to a wide audience. You only pay for those that interact with it by clicking. PPC is easy to measure, and you can fiddle with the message, and content and type until you find the winning formula or what “click” with your audience, pun intended. Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or any other platform you can think of all have PPC available, so all you have to do is pick the right one for you.

2. Content is king

Organic, all-natural and human-made content is becoming a valuable resource with the development of modern AIs. Nothing beats constant content that you can create for your site. Creating, distributing and interacting with people will always trump any machine-made algorithms. Constant content does wonders for your SEO positioning, makes Google rank you higher and gets the highest interaction rate from users. Taking the time to do it right and being consistent with the outflow will differentiate your site from the rest.

3. SEO marketing strategy

Since we’ve brushed up on the term “SEO”, it’s worth noting that SEO is a fundamental aspect of your internet marketing strategy. No modern site can appear on the first page of Google without proper SEO tactics, and starting from scratch can be a bit difficult for companies. Outsourcing your SEO needs is the faster way to success and picking the best and proven SEO like Green Web Marketing company can make all the difference in the world. A trusty ally by your side who can help you get on the front and centre of Google and out of obscurity. What good is content, if no one sees it?

4. Social media marketing

Where you post is an equally important question as what you post. While we agree that casting a wider net that covers all social media in existence may seem like a good idea, in practice, it’s just wasting your resources. Each social media attracts a certain type of demographic, and as such, each needs a different approach. Finding the perfect one for you, or several, and focusing solely on them will generate far better results. Specialisation has proven successful, so applying that principle to your marketing strategy can be beneficial.

 5. Email marketing

Even today, nothing matches the efficiency of email marketing. While some people think that everything you send goes to spam, the trick is to create the best headline for your email possible. From there, you have your customer’s attention, and email marketing has the highest percentage of success among all other strategies. Today it’s easy to acquire email lists but profitably using that resource is a work of art. Email marketing can also continuously inform your users of new material, posts or products and boost the success of anything you may launch.

6. Influencer marketing

As you can outsource your company needs to a specialised service company, you can buy someone’s public image. Influencers have a cultivated circle of followers and an established reputation among them. As such, they are the authority on the matter, and you need to get on their good side, so profit can happen. Influencer marketing is boosting your market share and increasing your customer base via an established promoter, or influencer. But, be very careful when selecting one as their actions reflect on your company image. People associate a face with a brand, and once you make your choice of influencers, they can make or break your profit margins.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is getting a commission from sales thru the link in your articles. By creating good content, and collaborating with quality products, you are creating something of value to customers and Google. Various tech blogs, online specialised forums and product pages do such collaborations for mutual benefit.

8. Web design

You and your site only have one chance to make a first impression. Website designs may sound out of the digital marketing field, but they can certainly contribute to its success. You can have the best content in the world, that attracts loads of visitors, only for them to close the tab instantly upon arrival. Horrid customer experience, unfriendly user interface and unoptimised sites are the recipe for disaster.

If your site does not impress, it will severely hinder any marketing efforts you make. Researching popular trends, applying Google Analytics to show you where the choke points are and using all that data to funnel towards your design department will fix the issue. Departments working together towards a common goal can make a noticeable difference in your performance.

9. Blogging

Think of a blog as a means to continuously inform and grow your user base. A blog is your haven, a place where you can put anything you create and cultivate your customers. A blog is under your control, and by having one, you create a board to post all your product updates, and promotions and keep everyone informed. It does wonders for your SEO, and site reputability and can generate useful content for later use.

Making changes to your online marketing strategy is certainly better than idly sitting and doing nothing. Even negative results are still results that can push you in the right way. Finding what method works, or which combination of factors is perfect, takes time and dedication. What works for others may not necessarily work for you, so take your time to find the ideal method that fits your needs. Once you have your secret recipe, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. We wish you all the best.