4 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank Quickly

When you’re selling on Amazon, ranking highly in Amazon’s search results is critical. Buyers aren’t going to trawl through page after page of search results to find a product. They might not even go past the first three or four. This means that to be successful, you really need to get your product ranking on the very first page. Now, over time, as your product gains traction you’ll naturally climb the rankings. But if you’re launching a new product or your cash is all tied up in inventory, you don’t have time to wait. You need to boost your amazon seller rank quickly. But how can you go from zero to hero on Amazon, in a short space of time? Well, here are a few suggestions.


If you’re in a hurry to boost your Amazon sales rank, then using FBA is a smart option. For a start, it means that you don’t have to spend time comparing 3PLs or trying to set up a warehouse. You just have to prep your stock and ship it to one of Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre. The biggest benefit though is that it means your listings will be eligible for Prime. This is going to have a big impact on your sales ranking, directly and indirectly. Firstly, it’s thought that Amazon’s algorithm favours listings that are eligible for prime. So being eligible is going to give your sales ranking a direct boost. It’s also likely to help you build your sales history. Many Amazon sellers now filter search results to only show listings eligible for Prime. So, by carrying the badge, you get better visibility and definitely have a better chance of closing the sale. This can only be a good thing for your sales ranking.

Reduce your price

If you’re trying to boost your rank for a particularly competitive product, then it can be worth reducing your price. If you’re offering the lowest price on the listing, then it should make your offering look more attractive. Especially if you don’t yet have an extensive amount of product reviews or feedback. In the short term, this does mean you’ll be making a smaller profit. In fact, bigger sellers may even be prepared to make a small loss in the short term to boost sales ranking in the long term.

Keyword optimization

This will show you the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. So, find the top five bestselling listings for your product and run them through the reverse ASIN tool. From the results, pick out the keywords that have high traffic. These should be

Raise your PPC bids

This step might seem counterintuitive, but if you’re trying to get your organic rank up quickly, PPC ads can play a big part. It can be hard to generate sales when your product is on page seven of Amazon’s search results, for example. By raising your bids on Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands ads, you’ve got the chance to appear prominently on page one. This should generate far more sales than if you were to rely on your organic sales rank alone. These sales are crucial. They can help you satisfy several aspects that are thought to play a part in Amazon’s algorithm. You’ll build traffic to your listings, develop sales history and hopefully generate a good amount of positive feedback. All of these should help your search ranking grow.