4 Tips In Maintaining & Making The Most Out Of CRAC/CRAH

Providing proper ventilation and ideal room temperature is a way to keep computers and servers running optimally without experiencing problems. We are all aware of how this becomes a part of maintenance for computer rooms using CRAH and CRAC systems.

However, your CRAC and CRAH systems will need proper maintenance—including repairs, to avoid expensive component replacements and unexpected breakdowns. Your computer/server room will rely on these devices to keep the room temperature at an ideal level. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your air control systems are functioning well:


  1. Maximise space efficiency

In most cases, maximising your close control unit via high-density computing and arrangement makes it easier to concentrate the equipment. Efficiency is not just solely found in the machine. One must utilise how to be efficient with the space as well. In theory, understanding how to get everything in a small ‘space’ can make it easy to direct temperature control. Nonetheless, proper ventilation is recommended since a more compact space will generate more concentrated heat.

  1. Know where to situate the systems

Having a helpful overview of where you will situate your CRAC and CRAH systems is a part of the setup. Many are wondering and struggling to maintain ideal room temperature. It ends an assumption that the close control unit is not operating the right way or forcing it to work harder. Opting for professional help for overview is recommended for proper setup.

  1. Replace filters

One thing that makes close control units work harder is dirty filters. Dirty filters force the unit’s motor to push more, and since dirt accumulates, its cooling effect is reduced significantly. Therefore, most maintenance specialists recommend checking your unit’s filters before replacing them.

  1. Check for leaks and lubricant problems

Your CRAC system will need to be inspected for leakage or lubricant problems. In some cases, you might also consider replacing its belts every once in a while as part of maintenance. It will help ensure that the unit is performing optimally.

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