4 Signs Your Computer Room Needs A New Air Conditioning System

Computer systems are robust yet delicate pieces of technology that require specific maintenance procedures. You and your team should follow correct usage procedures and regularly clean its software and hardware to keep it from malfunctioning. You will also have to keep it in a temperature-controlled area with a CRAC or computer room air conditioning to prevent it from overheating.

But like all devices, machines, and appliances in your facility, your CRAC can also encounter issues that may lead to damage. If you notice any of the following signs, you may need to seek professional help to have your computer room air conditioning replaced:

1. Your Old AC Has Been Blowing Warm Air

Like a fan wall unit, CRAC can encounter various issues. If your CRAC has been blowing warm air, you should consider hiring an expert ASAP to check what’s wrong with your cooling system and see if it needs a replacement.

2. Your Old AC Has Been Showing Unusual Sights And Sounds

Noticing weird sights and sounds about your computer room air conditioning can be terrifying—especially if you have no idea why it has been leaking, whistling, or rattling. By asking for help from a professional and relying on their equipment, specifically the sensing cable on their water detection device, you will see why your cooling system has not been working correctly and check if it requires specific solutions.

3. Your Old AC Has Been Causing Expensive Electricity Bills

Aside from getting an affirmative result from your water leak detection system, sky-high electricity bills are a telltale sign of your cooling system’s need for a replacement. Instead of continuously settling your suspiciously expensive electric charges, you should ask an expert to check your AC unit to learn about its defects.

4. Your Old AC Require Countless Repairs

If you have been getting repair services for your CRAC unit, you should consider getting a replacement. Instead of spending excessive amounts for fixing your system, you should purchase and install a new one and dedicate your money to getting other services like an uninterruptible power supply.

If you think your CRAC unit requires a replacement, you can ask Canatec for help and see what they can do to address your cooling system issues. Visit their website below to learn more about their expertise.