4 Mistakes You Can Make When Designing a Data Centre

Think of your data centre as the nervous system of your whole business. If you look closer, you’ll see many similarities. For example, our data centres are vital for receiving and storing information, as well as communicating with other departments. When you have issues with your data centres, it can inhibit your business productivity.

It’s no wonder that people consult a data centre solution provider when building these facilities. Since data centres house such sensitive yet important equipment, business owners need to be careful about the design of the facility.

What are some of the mistakes you can make regarding data centre design?

1. You chose a data centre site without first considering your needs.

The final design of your data centre may not fit the space you have allocated it. Remember that your data centre design should allow for your growing needs. As your business evolves, so does your data centre design.

2. You didn’t create a design that fits your needs.

Sure, a prefabricated data centre works in some areas. But you’d want a design that fits your needs. If you don’t use a custom-tailored solution, you might have a hard time putting it to good use.

3. You don’t secure your data centre well enough.

Poor security systems can lead to serious problems in the future. Don’t underestimate the power of information and what people are willing to do to obtain it. Most business owners understand the value of protected information.

4. You don’t hire a good consultant.

Finding a data centre consultancy isn’t the hard part, it’s finding a reliable one that matters. Make sure you hire one that is attentive to your business needs.

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