3 Things to Avoid on the Dark Web

The dark web is one place that is a huge source of malware and misinformation. Since the dark web is and it’s access anonymous, there is a high chance that this can be used for illegal activities. The dark web has become a playing ground for things like weapon trade, drug sales, and illegal porn. There has recently been news of the things places called Red Rooms that live stream gruesome murders. No one has justified are red rooms real, but there is so much on the dark web one should avoid as much as possible. Here are the top 3.

1.          Crypto Fraud

The most preferred mode of payment in today’s dark web is via crypto payments. All payments for the purchase of any articles on the dark web is done using crypto since they are not governed bodies. But these are access to illegal activities. Unlike credit card payments that are protected with many layers of security, if the details of someone’s crypto payments are leaked then it can lead to draining of all the funds. Another way this can affect users is by giving promises of a higher exchange rate for your cryptocurrency whereas, in reality, it is just a way to steal them altogether.

2.          Harmful Video Content

When on the dark web, they are swimming with video content that is deemed unfit by both society and government bodies. These can be pornographic content or videos as mentioned in the red rooms. While we are still unsure are red rooms real, there is sufficient proof that illegal porn exists on the dark web. These might also be a way for black hat hackers to insert malware and spam ware into your systems. The idea of the red room might seem very unreal, but many users have shared stories about accessing these channels.

3.          Malicious Sales

Sales of illegal goods are the top use of any dark-web platform. Since the start, the dark web has been used for the sale of illegal drugs and weapons. Since these pages cannot be tracked, they are a great way to make sure transactions. For both parties, the seller and the buyer — there is a sense of security in the dark web as it is easy to abandon and go into hiding. No users of the dark web surf with their names or real data.

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